– Nenkashe Education Centre –


Nenkashe Education Centre (NEC) is a Non Profit Organization which was officially registered in 2010 as a community based organization (CBO) under the laws of the Republic of Kenya.

NEC aims at addressing the plight of the pastoralist girls (and boys) at risk of adverse traditional cultural practices.Combating illiteracy and soaring school drop out rates and by offering mentorship, counseling and reconciliation services to the community and children in need. We operate a safe house in Kajiado, Kajiado County where sponsored children who are at risk of early marriage and FGM are housed when school Is not in session.

The Organization is currently educating 30 girls and 4 boys at primary and secondary levels.

Nenkashe plans to expand its program by constructing a Livelihood Skills Training Centre for children in need and plans to offer courses in carpentry, computer science and home science.This will open up opportunities for the young women to get employment or start their own business.


To provide a conducive learning environment for the vulnerable child to equip  them with socio-economic livelihood skills and make them resilient for their future.


A society in which the girl becomes an engaged citizen on an equal playing ground.



NEC is committed to:

  • Promote and protect the rights of the girl child
  • Educating the girl and equiping her with livelihood skills
  • Design and implement programmes that are impact driven to improve the lives of the girl child
  • Work with relevant partners to pull resources together to address the plight of the nomadic girl
  • Engage in the development of favorable policies and advocacy platforms to address the girl’s rights and develop a common voice in line with NEC’s shared vision and values
  • Respond and adapt to developmental challenges
  • To empower the girl to be self-reliant


Empower the vulnerable child with livelihood skills


Equal opportunities for all


Respect for diversity


Respect for the environment


Raise engaged citizens