The Nenkashe Management Committee is very grateful to each one of you for funding 29 girls  and 3 boys  through school in 2016.

  • In Kenya the school year is divided into 3 terms( Semesters) of three months each and one month break  x 3.  Different from the previous holidays, this time all the children spent their holidays at home. Nempiris is at Nyumbani, a special home for children living positively. All the children returned to their respective schools punctually.
  • Thanks to the generous support during the fundraising, we have managed to complete the 1st phase of the Nenkashe vocational school in August this year The first phase includes the perimeter wall surrounding one acre (Out of the 5 acres that the Organisation owns), a double pit latrine and a bathroom. Trees and shrubs have been planted. The building consists of 4 rooms: 2 staff rooms, a store room and a classroom that will be used as a nursery school from January 2017. Permits have already been applied for. The classroom will be equipped during December. Trees and shrubs have been planted.
  • In October 2016, 6 girls and 1 boy sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education( KCPE). The 2016 KCPE results are out and the children did very well. The Top three of our candidates were Naipante E. scoring 387 marks, Lanoi scoring 385 marks and Naipante M. scoring 300 marks.  We are now awaiting the allocation to secondary schools in the coming weeks. Two of our girls completed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination. These results will determine the future of these girls whether they go on to university or elsewhere.
  •  Schools resume in January 2017. Merry Christmas to our sponsors, partners and friends
  • The Nenkashe sponsors are: Nenkashe Stoetteforening Denmark,Beata Nowakowska, Global Giving, Mr & Mrs Stevens, Susan Kihara, Matt Mpoke Bigg and many other friends and family.
  • Merry Christmas to our sponsors, partners and friends and a continued partnership in 2017.


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